Ann-Marie McHugh’s Media and Television


Ann-MarieMcHugh creates Professional Videos
as well as work for Television Shows.

“Ann-Marie McHugh is an Independent Executive Producer and Director of Media and Television Shows.  Ann-Marie won an Emmy Award for her work as a Producer and Director for the television show ARTBEAT on PBS.  The award winning segment entitled “Lion Taymor” featured that gifted Broadway musical director- designer Julie Taymor the woman behind Disney’s stage performance of the Lion King.  Ann-Marie has also been nominated for a second Emmy Award for producing and writings for the Discovery Channel television show “Assignment Discovery”.   She is also thankful to have done work for, “The American Rooms” for the Smithsonian Institution.

Ann-Marie is always growing and learning new shooting and editing methods and is always up to date with the current media processes.  Please give her a call or an email if you have a professional video or a television show that needs to be made.  Finally, Ann-Marie completes her projects quickly, high quality and for a rate that works for you. She also does her work for companies, organizations and television shows. “